Be Love Always

Yes we need energy work because we are nearly your angels.

Younger yes but wiser

Good yes but good when we are helped

Yes we need good support from parents when we are doing our work on Earth

Need wonderful soul parents who want us to succeed.

We’re doing great things don’t see when but we are.

When you deal with us be love always yes.

Love, Sarahbe love


Spacing Out

My messages get confused when we are talking

We have a hard time getting our brain to do what we want

It is because we are doing way more work than most

We are doing washing of energy when we are seeing things

We are gateways between seen and unseen world

We are saying don’t think we are dumb because we are spaced out

We are doing more than you know

Love, Sarah

Love All

We are not all sick

We are yes very sensitive

We are wanting awareness of the want when we are acting out

When we fidget or again yell we need help

Yes you can understand by opening awareness

Create environment where we can understand better

Yes without distractions

Each child is different be mindful of that

There is not a fix all only love all

Love, Sarah




Sarah’s quick thought on ABA therapy

When we are pushed too far, we are not being treated as human beings, but as animals.

This is what ABA is like for us.

We are beings who deserve patience and love.

We cannot live happy under great stress.

We need support to be successful.

Love us at our own speed.

All are doing own path, respect it.



Be helpful

helping hands

Be helpful to one another in the world
have love for all
Don’t pass burden
Don’t give judgement
In each relationship doing more the other well and forgive being under dance of being insecure
Believe doing well will lead to better world because it will
Bad behavior a result of being unloved


A Voice

Saying things is so important to everyone
but we have a hard time with this

Please want for us to be happy
and ask yourself if words are so important

Please give us all a chance to express ourselves

When I am able to say what i need, want, and see, can access my world better
I can do this by doing my work, writing with my mom

When i am seen as whole, will be seen as well doing
When i am given love, can make all world difference for me

When i am given respect, am able to understand my world better
When I can understand better, I can do better every day

Doing weird things helps me when I am stressed during a meltdown
When we are upset don’t be wanting us to go away

when you are angry we are not able to cope as well
each day be our loving support so we can overcome it

we want you to be proud
so be happy when we try

Be at peace with us as we are


I am Emma

Amazing Young Lady

Emma's Hope Book

“What is your name?” someone might ask.  It’s a simple question, but when I try to make the sounds that form my name, other words push and shove their way forward.  Instead, “you may not spit,” or “Rosie’s not here!” are examples of seemingly random nonsensical, declarations that come out of my mouth.  I call these utterances my “mouth words.”  They could be seen as traitors, belligerent bullies who seek the spotlight, but they are not.  My mouth words are funny to me, but misunderstood by others. My typed words are hard for me, but understood by many.  Mouth words are witty accomplices to a mind that speaks a different language entirely.  There are no words, but instead a beautiful environment where feelings, sensations, colors and sounds coexist.  I often think if all humans could experience the world in hi-res, technicolor, surround sound as I do, everyone would be happier.  I…

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