Gratitude for Life

Begin each day in gratitude for life
We are double adding to our stress by seeing what we don’t have instead of being grateful what we do
If something doesn’t work out, be patient,

another thing will come by and be great again

Love, Sarah



Frame of Mind

When doing dance with Autism be aware of your own frame of mind.

Dance with Autism when you have people in your world who are Autistic and you care for them.

When you have dance do see how your attitude affects dear ones with Autism.

We are very sensitive when you are being down on yourself and others.

We are going over your well-being and can’t stand when you do such things.

We feel every different energy coming from you and are greatly affected.


Love to all,


Believe in Angels

When you believe in angels you are well on your way being one with God
Angels are being his workers and will watch over you
Will not interfere but will guide yes
When you see a door closing never fear for another will open
All activity in life is for purpose
When something ends the lesson is done
Be grateful for these lessons are soul growth
Believe in angels to guide your next journey
We are all beings watching over you
Love to all yes
Sarahangels blog post

To Be Heard


When you want what is best for someone you should want what makes well for them
Want what we all need which is wanting our voice
When we are not listened
When we are not heard
We are unable doing our life work
When our wishes are being undermined we cannot grow
We are loved best as humans when we are given choice in our lives
We are all being well when we think of others not ourselves
Love, Sarah
(Sarah for the first time at the end of this session audibly spoke “Done!”)