Be helpful

helping hands

Be helpful to one another in the world
have love for all
Don’t pass burden
Don’t give judgement
In each relationship doing more the other well and forgive being under dance of being insecure
Believe doing well will lead to better world because it will
Bad behavior a result of being unloved




When I can understand you better, I can do better everyday

When I am given respect, am able to understand my world better

When I am given love, can make all world difference for me

When I am seen as whole, will be seen as well doing

When I am able to say what I need, want, and see, can access my world better

I can do this by doing my work, writing with my Mom

Please give us all a chance to express ourselves

Love is all you need

Be at peace with us as we are
Love, Sarah

Seeing Us With Purpose


Seeing us with Purpose

When we are dancing with Autism in our own way

Don’t worry

You will understand us better if you see us doing our dance with purpose

And not because of some problem

We are different

Each of us

And wish to be seen as so

You can help each of us by supporting our ways and doing what makes us happy

which is being in loving acceptance of us

Be without fear about our future and enjoy us now


Love, Sarah

Best Self

amazing 4

Begin each day with saying all is well with yourself and you set the intention yes.

You can be your best self that way

That when you say I am not good enough or made well enough but dumb thoughts yes can drive you mad.

Yes you are dear soul when you were created understand yes don’t you forget where you came from. Yes.

We are all beautiful creations of All source or God and we are all here to find our way back to God

through loving each other

New Earth

heart earth

Kindness, giving, love

Makes new Earth learning planet again

Hurting us with fear try using love instead

Understand Autism is gearing world for its very other use which now it is lower planet it will be a place of surprising growth soon ready. Its use will be to work souls to be one with God.

Be at one with the Creator and you will find true peace.

Have peace in dealing with those in Autism.

Yes we are a challenge but world needs hard lesson.

Not a punishment but a help to find your way

Love all beings and world can change.



Whole New Light


When we are doing well we want you, and world yes,

We want you to want our way of being

We are very different and we want you to appreciate

Our differences.

When we are playing and it seems different don’t make us stop

Do encourage us

Don’t watch us and be sad

We are having fun and don’t need pity

We are operating on a different wave length

And we are seeing the world in a whole new light





When you are stressed and worried you send out shock waves


And we feel them greatly


This is why we have our dance with Autism meltdowns

We want you to not see us during dear times as being difficult

But as needing your tender love care


Going your way into dark patterns always leaves you energy depleted

When you see our trouble extend your love and we can get better


See when this happens as a way to see yourself getting warned of times when you yourself need a break

Love, Sarah

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